We Energy Game part of the All Day Energy in Rotterdam

On 9 March, the Energy Academy Europe and EnTranCe took the We Energy Game on another journey, this time to Rotterdam. During the annual All Energy Day the game was played with a diverse group consisting of students from the TU Delft and representatives of Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN). It offered the participants the opportunity to dive into the complex world of sustainable energy and the quest to make a village energy neutral. The game has been developed by PhD candidates of the Centre of Expertise Energy of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen.

It provides energy cooperatives and stakeholders a practical insight into the energy possibilities. During the game participants negotiate about the use of renewable energy sources in order to make a town or city energy neutral. In addition, considerations and interests in all areas are included (production, people, planet, profit, space, and regulation). The We Energy Game relates scores to each of these elements. They are based on realistic impacts of each variable. This refers to the (amount of) energy, emissions and impact.

More information: https://www.hanze.nl/eng/research/strategic-themes/energy/education/educational-material/energy-game

Energy Academy Europe

Energy Academy Europe is an international centre of excellence for energy transition focusing on education, research and innovation. EAE was initiated by Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen and is supported by corporate partners from the energy field and governmental parties

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All day Energy Rotterdam

The All Day Energy is an interdisciplinary knowledge event where science, education, politics and industry are brought together to exchange views on the future of energy supply. The All Day Energy focuses each year on the topic of energy transition. This year there was a special focus on cooperation and how all parties can jointly accelerate energy transition.

More information: http://allenergyday.nl


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