VoltaChem Year Event 2016: Electrification for chemicals – business from vision

On 17 March 2016 VoltaChem together with Innovatielink, Energy Valley, FME and Topsector Chemistry will host its yearly event to discuss the latest progress in the field of the electrification of the chemical industry and to elaborate on the opportunities to accelerate business together between large enterprises and SME’s.

During the event VoltaChem will address different transition paths: power to heat, hydrogen and chemicals. Those paths, supported by novel technologies lead to GHG emission reduction, facilitate accommodation of renewable energy and unlock the business case for CO2 as the carbon feedstock of the future.


  • 10.30 – 13.00 meeting & lunch exclusively for VoltaChem’s Community Members
  • 13.00 reception
  • 13.15 plenary program with keynote speech from Rein Willems, former President of Shell Netherlands & excursion to EnTranCe, led by Energy Valley
  • 15.15 breakout sessions to discuss the opportunities for small and large companies to collaborate and participate.
  • 17.00 drinks
  • 18.00 closing

Breakout sessions

  1. Power-2-Heat | Cost efficiency & demand response
    Using heat pumps to recover industrial waste heat & improve heat integration.
  2. Power-2-Hydrogen | Flexible and low-cost hydrogen production
    Business opportunities across the supply chain using novel manufacturing tools.
  3. Power-2-Commodities | Ammonia for energy storage
    Overcoming bottlenecks in the electrolysis of water to produce ammonia.
  4. Power-2-Commodities | Methanol or methane from electricity
    Opportunities and challenges of applying electrochemistry for the production of methanol.
  5. Power-2-Specialties | Decentral production of specialty chemicals
    Using electricity for local production and use of chemicals. Showcase: hydrogen-peroxide.
  6. Power-2-Specialties | Highly selective production of (bio)chemicals
    Improving efficiency by using electrochemistry in selective oxidation reactions. Showcase: HMF-FDCA.
  7. Power-2-Integrate | Electrification to integrate chemicals and energy
    Unlocking the business potential of electrification by system integration.

PS: VoltaChem launched a community on the electrification of the chemical industry. Renowned organizations such as Cofely, NUON and Magneto already joined. In case you haven’t subscribed yet, you can register at http://www.voltachem.com/join-us

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