VNO-NCW will visit EnTranCe on 4 April 2016

On Monday, 4 April 2016, EnTranCe welcomes VNO-NCW Noord in the EnergyBarn for a company visit with 133 participants.

During this afternoon visit, the participants have the possibility to experience what EnTranCe is all about – the transition to a sustainable society based on the use of clean energy. Participants can expect an interesting program including the screening of EnTranCe – the Movie and a Guided Tour around the facilities.

VNO-NCW Noord is the largest employers’ organization in the Northern-Netherlands. As a respected advocate of 12,000 companies  VNO-NCW North is committed to provide an attractive business climate with a keen eye for business interests in the North. The strength of VNO-NCW North lies in the combination of this advocacy and the access that they offer to a wide network of employers in the Northern-Netherlands, ranging from multinationals to SMEs.

For more information about VNO-NCW Noord click here.

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