TransFuture Festival 2016 | Friday 24 June 2016

After a successful first day, the TransFuture Festival 2016 continued on Friday, 24 June, with as many interesting and informative activities as the day before.

The Friday started off with what we don’t see so often at the Energy Transition Centre – 100 of kids from 13 different schools came to the EnergyBarn and the Futureplein with their innovative and creative ideas. Nienke Homan, representative of the municipality of Groningen, welcomed the primary school students and congratulated them on their energy savings efforts – a incredible total of 19.000 euro in gas en energy. After the welcome, the students continued to present their ideas to the jury and the general public. Winner of this year’s Energy Challenges is the BekkTeam, students of the Katholieke Daltonschool Bischop Bekkers.

Next to it, GreenTech used the TransFuture Festival as the filming spot for their preliminary rounds. In GreenTech young individuals between 9 and 15 are challenging each other in answering the question “Who has the most sustainable idea of the Netherlands?” GreenTech is presented by Joris Putman and will be broadcasted again in autumn this year on RTL 4.

The highlight of the day was the official opening of the solar carport at EnTranCe by Nienke Homan, representative of the Province Groningen. The solar carport is a unique design where all solar modules are individually wired to a control panel, which allows to implement several researches at once. Currently, the solar car port is used by students of the study electrical engineering at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. The sunroof is equipped with various measuring systems, including the voltage/power of the solar panels, voltage/power of the converters, output of the charging stations, temperature of the solar panels and the amount of light irradiation on the roof. These measurements can be used by researchers in order to carry out various tests.
The municipality of Groningen offers visitors also today an interesting program in relation to the publication of the roadmap Groningen Energy Neutral 2035. In the morning, they invited the public to join the presentation and discussion over the future of Smart Energy City of Groningen. Later one, the visitors are further invited to discuss together with the team leader of the IABR exhibition, architect Jeroen de Willigen, and IABR studio master Jandirk Hoekstra, new and innovative ideas for a smart energy city. The focus of the presentation and discussion lied on living on the ring road and smart grids.

The baptism of the Zonneboot, designed and built by the SDOG Racing Team, was the event of the evening. Nienke Homan had the honor to let the boot loose on the waters of the mini-island Ameland. The recing team will participate in the Dutch Solar Challenges.

Also on Friday the TransFuture Festival was the place to be to listen to good music. Roos Blufpand, a singer who produces her new album completely sustainable, started and was followed by View for a Day and Moonshark.

For all involved parties the TransFuture Festival was a great success. Next year we will be back with the third edition of the festival – with more music, more sustainability and more innovation.
Mark it already now in your calendars – 22 & 23 Juni 2017 at EnTranCe

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