TransFuture Festival 2016 | Thursday 23 June 2016

On Thursday, 23 June 2016, the two-day TransFuture Festival started with the finale symposium of the Energy Transition Community at EnTranCe. In the Energy Barn Henk Pijlman, Chairman of the Executive Board of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen kicked off the day and congratulated the students in their choice of following the route of energy in their curriculum. In the past half year, 35 students did projects at EnTranCe and followed a program, consisting of energy related lectures. During the TransFuture Festival 2016, the students presented the final outcomes and recommendations to stakeholders and received their very own Energy Transition Certificate. The certificate was given to the students by Michiel Bal from Gasunie.

Next in the program was the last energy lecture of the year organized by Energy Academy Europe. Jan Pieter Versluijs, young entrepreneur and co-founder of Solar Monkey, shared his advice and thoughts on successful energy-entrepreneurship and start-ups. At the same time the mini-symposium Windkracht Groningen, of the activities organizes by the municipality of Groningen, started in Transitietent 1. The municipality aims to be energy neutral by 2035 and in achieving this goal, wind energy is one important mean.

The afternoon started with Campus Live, a surprising talk show organized by Zernike Campus Groningen. For two hours, host Bram Douwes (known for Stand van Stad) took the listeners on a journey into the known and unknown of the campus. From cool ideas, smart products and innovative research to the future design of the campus, the future of the campus – the visitors were in for all the information.

The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of the roadmap Groningen Energy Neutral 2035. In the Energy Barn, 21 partners presented how they will achieve their energy ambitions. This unique collaboration within the Netherlands was confirmed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. Alderman Mattias Gijsbertsen: “A number of parties have calculated with energy specialists how our energy system will look in the future. There are expected major changes. From gas to electric cooking of boiler for geothermal energy from gasoline cars to electric car. Changes that affect everyone.” Present were, among others, Peter Littooy, Board member of the Martinihopsital, Jan de Jeu, vice chairman of the board Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Ulco Vermeulen, Board member of Gasunie.

Next to symposia and presentations, the TransFuture Festival 2016 was the arena for several other activities. In the Energy Barn, visitors had the opportunity to experience the exhibition Nordic City by IABR Atelier Groningen. Nordic City tells a story about a future that is both viable and desirable and can actually become a reality. This story puts a firm spin on the image of Groningen by highlighting the opportunities of a region that is now mostly known for its struggle with persistent problems like earthquake damage and demographic and economic shrinkage.

In addition, visitors were able to walk on the sand of the mini-version of the island Ameland for the first time. The island underlines the cooperation between EnTranCe and Duurzaam Ameland. On Ameland new, innovative energy systems and technologies, which have been developed or tested at EnTranCe will be implemented.

The Thursday had also plenty to offer for the musical ear. The visitors were able to attend the shows of Audio Adam and Sofia Dragt.

On Friday, the program will continue with many interesting and informative activities. For photographic expressions, check out the gallery below.

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