Energy Transition Community | This semesters Energy Progress Symposium was a great success

On the April 20, the EnTranCe Energy Transition Community organized this semesters midterm Energy Progress Symposium at the Van DoorenVeste (Hanze University of Applied Science) to display the current developments of 26 different student projects to external stakeholders.

In advance to this symposium, the students active within the Energy Transition Community received the assignment to design an informative and creative poster, which visually explains the process and current stage of their individual or group projects. A total of 26 different posters, created by 35 students, were handed in and could be examined and discussed during the four hour long symposium by external stakeholders, lectures and fellow students.

A jury of three, consisting respectively of one representative of the Energy Academy Europe, Energy College and Energy Valley, had the difficult task to choose the winning poster based on predetermined criteria such as content, visualization and attractiveness. In addition to the jury prizes, an audience prize was rewarded by vote of the participants.

This years overall winner will be watching a match of FC Groningen in the exclusive Sky Lounge of Energy Valley. The winner of the audience price have the opportunity to drive one day in the Twizzy, sponsored by Energy Expo, and enlighten the day with their new WakaWaka light.
The winner of this prize are the following projects:

         Jury prize: BikeSharing 050: A Smart Bike Lock by Max Wilms

         Audience prize: Gamification: Designing for Motivation by Jeen Boot

Next to the display of student projects, the Energy Progress Symposium offered a highly interesting and informative program – with the focus on the impact of energy transition – to students and guests. Dr. Ruth Mourik, founder of the research and advice firm DuneWorks, shared her insights about “Why involvement of end-users in energy transition is crucial” with students and guests. Ruth Mourik specializes in sustainability projects, with a focus on individual and collective behavior and behavioral change, sustainable system transitions, demand side management, stakeholder participation, innovation management, user practices, risk perception, societal acceptance of new technologies and future studies. In addition to her presentation, Ruth Mourik lead the seminar ‘Involvement of End-users in the Energy Transition’. During the seminar the invited stakeholders shared their experiences in the EnTranCe Change Agencies and discuss the question ‘Does a Change Agency accelerate transition?’ and if so, how?

The Energy Progress Symposium can be regarded a huge success with new insights in the topic of energy transition, new ideas and input regarding the projects and new connections with external stakeholders. In the following few weeks the students will continue to work on their projects and ultimately finalize them by June 2016. The final presentation of the projects will be part of this years TransFuture Festival 2016 on 23 – 24 June 2016.

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For photographic expressions of the Energy Progress Symposium see below:

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