The Energy Transition Community welcomes 120 new students at EnTranCe

On the 2nd and 3rd of September the Energy Transition Community at EnTranCe welcomed a total of 120 new students for the first semester of 2015/16.

During the two-day kick-off program the multidisciplinary group of new students, consisting of 9 different nationalities and 12 different studies, took part in different activities surrounding the topics of Energy Transition, Global Change and the Energy Transition Community.

The wednesday started off with an introduction in the Energy Transition Community and the Change Agencies – Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Mobility and Sustainable Households. After a networking activity (speed dating) to facilitate the connection with fellow energy professional, the students received an introduction about the many innovations at Energy Transition Centre and work facilities. The afternoon was used for different activities, such as a tour around the technical facilities and different presentations of the Knowledge Centre Energy and participating organizations such as Energy Expo, and Sameen.

The second day of the kick-off was marked by the topic of global change, starting with an interesting presentation about the need of Global Change by Frank Pierie, PhD Hanze. Based on his input, the students were participating in several co-creation activities to answer the question “How will sustainable households look like in 2050? “ and to gain an insight in each other’s values, skills and inspirators concerning the topic of energy transition. Award winning entrepreneur Stef van der Ziel closed the kick-off with an inspiring talk about his vision and personal mission regarding the change of energy, making students, researchers and lecturers a bit more aware of the dynamic of change and power coming from the people.

The kick-off was a great success with many new insights, ideas and connections. In the following weeks the students will work together with clients, teachers and coaches on projects and will participate in the Energy Transition Community at EnTranCe. For more information about the Energy Transition Community click here.

See photographic expressions of the Kick-Off below:


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