Start of new test facility for heating equipment & appliance testing at EnTranCe

Today the HEAT-house, a measuring house for Heating Equipment & Appliance Tests (HEAT), was handed over by GasTerra to Henk Pijlman, Chairman of the Executive Board Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.


The HEAT-house is a testing facility to conduct reference measurements for heating techniques and applications, running on natural gas. It further provides the opportunity to test different forms of facade solutions. Through the simulation of real-life living situations with a special focus on temperature changes, the HEAT-house puts new and already existing heating techniques – such as heat pumps – to the test with the aim to establish the most efficient use of natural gas for heating purposes.

Facility for the use by companies and education

Commercial parties can test equipment/appliances in reference conditions as well as explore the temperature and heat potential limits of the tested systems. Moreover, the measuring of isolation values of building materials is one of the many possibilities. In addition to the commercial use, the HEAT-house offers room for students in form of internships and graduation assignments or curricula-based projects (e.g. process control, mechanical and civil engineering) and research on thermal systems like state of the art hybrid heat pumps. Such a variety of input requires a vast amount of flexibility. Not only for the installed hardware but also for the measuring/controlling equipment and the required software.

The HEAT-house is located at EnTranCe, the field lab for energy transition of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and Energy Academy Europe, and as of now can be used for measuring. It was built on behalf of GasTerra and is donated to the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in May 2017.

For more information check the EnTranCe website or send an email to Ted Wildenberg.

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