Seminar Mini-wind 2015

On the 26 November 2015, the Nederlandse Wind Energie Associatie (NWEA) and the Province of Groningen invite to join this years seminar Mini-Wind 2015 in the Energy Barn at EnTranCe.

During this day, the use of mini-wind turbines is in the spotlight as one of the possible alternative sources of energy. The seminar will present considerations that must be taken in order to make an informed decision about investments, this return, attention and other aspects concerning mini-wind turbines.

Both, the central government and local governments, want to stimulate small wind power reprocessing. The current procedures are time consuming and costly, thereby not unifrom because they are run differently from municipality to municipality.

For more information and registration please check Mini-Wind 2015

This seminar is meant for governments, consultancies, organizations in the area of sustainability and energy, energy suppliers, mini-windturbine development handlers, suppliers of mini-turbines and their suppliers.

Please note: For local initiatives there is a 30% discount on the entrance fee.

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