RE:charge | Science Exhibition at the Groninger Forum

From September 15 up to November 3 the science exhibit RE:Charge is opening its doors to the public during the general opening hours of the Public Library in Groningen’s city center, Oude Boteringestraat 18.

RE:Charge is Energy Academy Europe’s interactive exhibition produced by Science Linx of Groningen University. This attractive exposée showcases the subject of energy transition to inform the public, old and young with any interest in or questions about energy and energy usability. It appeals to the visitors asking questions like: what is your part in the energy transition? How can you improve your personal energy label? You might be installing solar energy panels on your rooftop, or maybe you’ll be having insects, or lab-meats for dinner in 2050.

Every Saturday and Sunday: Blender Bike Battles!
How long do you have to ride to turn fruit into a smoothie? Every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 15:00 the amazing Blender Bike Battles will take place on the ground floor of the Groninger Forum, location Old Boteringestraat 18. Join in and kick out your heart out!

Check it out (and join the Blender Bike Battle)!



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