Royal honor for Wim van Gemert

On Friday 2nd October, the commissioner of the King in the province of Groningen, Dr. MJ van den Berg, awarded a Royal Honor to Dr. Ir. WJT van Gemert (65 years) from Annen (municipality Aa en Hunze). He was appointed Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau.

Mr. Wim van Gemert studied Chemical Engineering and earned his PhD in 1977 at the Technical University of Eindhoven in structural studies and glass. After the studies, he left for TNO and, in the late eighties, to Gasunie. Here began his passion for innovation in energy technology. At Gasunie, he was involved in innovations surrounding gas technology, the management of these innovations on EU-level and their transfer to the market.

Centre of Expertise Energy

Since 2006, Wim is connected to the Centre of Expertise for Energy of the Hanze University of Applied Science, Groningen, as a ‘Leading Lecturer Energy Transition’ and was one of the persons responsible for the build up of the Knowledge Centre Energy (now Centre of Expertise Energy). He formed a team and developed a research program, which focuses on flexible energy chains that had to get off the ground. To test this research in practice, Wim managed to connected a variety of partners from his personal network to RenQi, an open innovation center for sustainable energy-infrastructures.

Energy Transition Centre

In a next step, Wim obtained a leading role in the development of the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe), an energy testing ground, where the market maturity of products is being tested. Herewith, he always hold an inspiring leadership role and pursued his ideal, namely: A transition to sustainable energy, in which various parties are involved in the cooperation and the endusers have a say. In the past decade, he played a decisive role in shaping practical research within the Hanze University of Applied Science, Groningen.

Furthermore, Wim was particularly involved in establishing, strengthening and expanding research aimed at Energy Transition. These efforts have led to important contributions in education. On can say, that without the efforts of Wim van Gemert, RenQi and EnTranCe would not have been established and, moreover, would not have been such a great success. He is seen as the connecting link between technicians and the enduser of techniques, which will contribute to the energy transition.

Congratulations, Wim!

Wim van Gemert1

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