One thousand solar panels for EnTranCe

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and signed an agreement to install a thousand solar panels around EnTranCe at Zernike Campus.

This makes EnTranCe self-reliant.

The collaboration between Hanze UAS and started two years ago. fouder and Hanze alumnus Patrick van der Meulen, suggested the idea of installing a solar panel field at Hanze UAS to members of the Executive Board. After a long process of exploring the possibilities, planning and contracting, has been assigned to place the solar panels. On Tuesday 29 November the papers were signed and the construction of the solar panel site can be started.

Entrepreneurship and Energy are our two main focus areas of Hanze UAS, Groningen. Our goal is to be energy-neutral in 2035. By constructing the solar panel field, we are stepping closer towards this goal.


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