New test setup for solar panels at EnTranCe

On Friday, 19 May, a new test centrum for solar panels is put in use at EnTranCe

This new setup focuses on the energy-output of solar panels, especially at low sun. The setup measures the low solar output of 12 solar panels, which are placed upon a field in different angles. The data will be gathered in order to improve the platform

The test facility will further help local and regional entrepreneurs to select the right solar panels with a maximum output. Tests will include the output of specific solar modules under field conditions as well as the testing of different parts of the solar panels itself (such as the coating). Due to the high amount of solar panels, which are expected to be placed within the Northern Netherlands in the upcoming years, these tests can have an high impact on the efficiency of solar panels and result in an increase of efficiency.

Are you interested in testing solar panels?
Please get in contact with Martien Visser, Professor Energy Transition & Network Integration at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

The test facility was developed thanks to a grant from Gasunie New Energy. provides current information about the amount of renewable energy generated in the Netherlands by PV panels, wind and biogas and will be expanded in the future with information on the returns from other renewable energy sources.

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