New program Energy Academy Europe: China Scholarship Council funds 9 PhD students on Energy and Biomass

As coordinator of multidisciplinary energy research programs, Energy Academy Europe (EAE) will coordinate a new Doctoral program on biomass, linking China and The Netherlands. China Scholarship Council (CSC) granted a Sino-Dutch Doctoral Program on Biomass Energy through Northwest A&F University (NWAFU) in January 2016. The University of Groningen (UG) is the academic partner to train those PhD students in The Netherlands.

Biomass energy plays a more and more important role in the worldwide energy system. The Sino-Dutch Doctoral program will provide 9 scholarships for 9 Chinese NWAFU PhD students in the years of 2016-2018, to conduct their researches at the University of Groningen. Those PhD students will study all nodal points in relation to biomass from fundamental studies, impact analysis to technology applications.

Energy Academy Europe and University of Groningen signed an agreement specifically focusing the role of biomass in the energy system with NWAFU in 2014. Under the aegis of these agreements three parties concluded and signed a new agreement on this Doctoral program through jointly applying for subsides from the CSC in September 2015. The total contribution from the CSC to supporting Chinese PhD students is above half million  euros.

The Program aims to strengthen the theme Energy at the University of Groningen and hence in the Energy Valley and intensify the bilateral collaboration with the NWAFU further. The first PhD student funded by this program is expected in September this year after successful evaluations by all stakeholders.

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