Hanze University of Applied Sciences | MasterClass ‘Energy, what now?’ by Koos Lok and Han Brezet, professors at Hanze UAS and the TU Delft

This event is for undergraduate students interested in an European Master of Sciences in energy at the Hanze University Groningen

Energy is a popular subject worldwide, and also in the northern Dutch provinces. Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS) in Groningen wants to empower consumers to meet their energy needs in an increasingly sustainable and socially acceptable manner and within EnTranCE the developments are considered as opportunities, based on knowledge, for new economic activities.

People also want to have control over their own energy supply. There is a gradual change from ‘Power to the People’ to ‘People in Power.’ The awareness about the fact that changes are needed to stabilize the climate and to reduce the costs related to energy use is increasing. How can we deal with these challenges, what solutions are available, and what impact do the various measures have in the future?

To respond to the demand for knowledge and management of (renewable) energy, two European Masters of Sciences have successfully started at Hanze UAS: the European Master in Renewable Energy and the European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management.

Date: June 7 2016
Time: 16.00 tot 18.30 hours
Location: EnTranCe, Zernikelaan 17, 9747 AA Groningen

During this master class in June, the most recent facts about energy in the Netherlands will be shared and the projects that are being implemented by Hanze UAS will be explained. The program includes practical information about the masters, workshops, and general information about Hanze UAS.

What can you expect?

  • Interesting workshops and speakers
  • Insight into Dutch energy statistics
  • Information about education in the field of energy after your bachelor
  • A tour of EnTranCe
  • Network reception

For: Bachelor students interested in a European Master of Sciences in the field of energy at Hanze UAS.
Costs: Free of charge

Registration: You can register before June 1 2016. Registration goes on a first come, first serve basis and space is limited to 25 participants.
Contact: Jolanda Fokkinga (mastereurec@org.hanze.nl, +31 (0)50-5954567)

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