Invitation: Launch of the ‘Nationale Traploopweek’ and launch campaign ‘Appeltrap’ with provincial executive Nienke Homan

On Monday, April 11 the provincial executive of the province of Groningen, Nienke Homan, will kick off the national stairsclimbing week in Groningen with the ‘Appeltrap’. The start of the campaign organized by and Noordelijk Lokaal Duurzaam takes place at EnTranCe in the presence of Hermen Schraa , Director of Noordelijk Lokaal Duurzaam, GeertJan Kemme, director of and Jan-Jaap Aue, Dean of the Centre of Expertise Energy.

The start of the campaign is part of the cooperation between Noordelijk Lokaal Duurzaam, and EnTranCe. With this partnership, they wish to enforce the transition to a sustainable society with healthy food, renewable energy and smart moveing. from the food chain and  Noordelijk Lokaal Duurzaam from the energy chain hereby complement each other. Together they want to contribute to a safe, healthy and sustainable way of life. With the slogan ‘pak de trap, neem een appel!’ (Take the stairs, take an apple!) they want to encourage citizens, satff and students to choose for sustainable food and sustainable energy!

The campaign Appeltrap includes a unique choice of organic apples from Dutch growers, for a sign at the bottom of the stairs saying “Take the stairs, take an apple,” and a communication toolkit for the workplace. The campaign is in line with the national stairsclimbing week initiated by Diabetes Fonds from 11 / m April 15, 2016.

11:45  Welcome with coffee and tea + an organic apple
12:00 Welcome by Jan-Jaap Aue, Dean Centre of Expertise Energy
12:10  Launch Apple Staircase by provincial executive Nienke Homan
12:40 Guided Tour
13:00 End of program


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