InnovatieLink opens SME office for ‘Innovation in energy and chemistry in Northern Netherlands’ at EnTranCe

Business owners from the Northern Netherlands with questions about innovation in the field of energy and chemistry can now find expertise in one office. InnovatieLink will hold a special SME (small and medium businesses) innovation consultation every Wednesday at EnTranCe. The goal is to connect regional energy entrepreneurs with the national top sectors energy and chemistry via a counselor.

The transition to sustainable energy and chemistry requires new products, services and technologies. This offers great opportunities for SMEs. During this process, entrepreneurs face many questions about financing, technology, housing, equipment, operations, etc. InnovatieLink offers practical support for establishing the right contacts. For this, national innovation managers, who are entrepreneurs themselves and specialized in one or more disciplines, are active within this consultations.

“The North has a lot of knowledge and innovation output in the energy and chemical industry,” said Chris Bruijnes, Director of InnovatieLink. “In order to bring the parties together and to accelerate the innovation process, it is necessary to have a fixed contact point in the region. Therefore, it is a logical choice to collaborate with EnTranCe and, therewith, to establish us regionally. ”

In addition to a regular SME consultation and coordination, the organizations involved will set up a joint program to inform and involve SMEs in regional and national innovation opportunities.

“With the cooperation of InnovatieLink and EnTranCe, researchers and students with business plans, start-ups and SMEs will gain an accessible support for their innovation issues. Also crossovers between energy and chemistry hereby offer interesting opportunities, “said Jeroen van den Berg, managing director EnTranCe.

About InnovatieLink

InnovatieLink is a joint initiative of the top sectors Energy and Chemistry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, intended to accelerate the innovation process. InnovatieLink offers SME entrepreneurs in these top sectors practical solutions and support for innovation issues. The innovation managers match the demand of companies with offerings from research institutions, financiers and locations with facilities and equipment (


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