Hanze UAS | International Student Barometer now online

You are invited to participate in the International Student Barometer, a questionnaire for our international students. You can find it at www.hanzegroningen.eu/isb

In this questionnaire, you are asked to give your opinion on Hanze. The questions concern our curricula, our application and admissions procedures, our facilities and student life in Groningen. This questionnaire gives us the international student’s perspective on what we do well and which aspects need our attention. This way, we hope to be able to provide better and more adequate services to you and other international students.

In return for your time, the university gives you a chance to win a new iPad Mini. Furthermore, external research company I-graduate offers the opportunity to win a €1000 cash prize or suggest a €1000 donation to charity.

Thank you in advance for your time. YOU MATTER! MAKE US BETTER.


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