Hanze UAS | Euprera 2016: Let’s talk society!

How Strategic Communication Shapes Value and Innovation in Society?

This years’ EUPRERA Annual Congress 2016 is held at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam,

The theme Let’s Talk Society encourages conference participants to explore the various ways in which our communication discipline provides a lens for interpreting the values of societies in transition.

Communication is developed in our relation to others and in relation to what happens in the social context. It is therefore not neutral but mediates people’s relationships and practices. Technological transitions, economical changes, medical advancements, environmental turbulence, political movements and other evolving circumstances influence public values that shape societies. It is important to analyse the situated meaning of these societal themes in everyday life, and the influence of public relations and strategic communication in this regard.

Let’s Talk Society – and the society we´re talking about is in transition:

  • to a green and sustainable society
  • to an inclusive society
  • to an innovative and reflective society.

What is our role as a communication professionals in all of this? How can we foster public debate?

It’s all about communication!

We are not alone in wondering how to tackle grand societal challenges. HORIZON 2020 programme of the European Union does just that. That is why we have placed HORIZON 2020 at the heart of the conference. We invite you to offer issues for debate, to present research papers and to come up with ideas for new projects.

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