Hanze ICT students contribute to development of revolutionary room climate control system: BaOpt

Within the past five years the BaOpt software for room climate control has been developed by Climotion (former BaOpt Benelux BV) in close collaboration with Bosch Energy and Building Solutions GmbH. This continuous and successful technical development was also made possible by students from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, more specifically of the study ICT.

The inventor of BaOpt, mister Albert Bauer, was guest at EnTranCe to talk about his innovative system and his experiences in the field of heating technology. Mr. Bauer is the developer of the BaOpt system. During this special occasion, he handed over the software to Climotion.

BaOpt is a patented software for the smart operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. The process of the system differs fundamentally from conventional climate control techniques and is an unique concept.

In conventional systems, the airflow is directed whereas with the BaOpt system it is controlled by in a slow, undirected and chaotic space flow. The slow continuous mixing of the supplied air and indoor air results in a homogeneous temperature distribution without cold drafts. This ensures optimum comfort. In addition, BaOpt ensures savings of energy costs with 25% or more. The system minimizes heat loss in winter and energy consumption for cooling in summer. For more information about BaOpt check their website or watch this video.

BaOpt is a great example of how the Hanze UAS can support businesses in their development and growth. Throughout the years a several students completed their internship at Climotion or took the opportunity to write their final bachelor thesis for the company. Their efforts, creativity and professionalism highly contributed to the development, improvement and internationalization of BaOpt. At this moment fours Hanze UAS students from the studies ICT, electrical engineering and communication are active at the development and knowledge center in Leens, Groningen. In February, two students from the study ICT will start their final thesis. Further, two former Hanze UAS students continued working at Climotion after finishing their study.


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