‘Flying on liquefied natural gas’ – Interview by Cursor Magazine with Jacques Dam

“If it is up to part-time Professor Jacques Dam from Energy Technology, we will before long be flying in a cleaner, cheaper and quieter mode on liquefied natural gas (LNG). However, if the fight against polluting kerosene is to be won, an adapted engine will be required that is capable of utilizing both the chemical and the thermal energy of this ice-cold fuel. In an ambitious project Dam and his colleagues are trying to find a solution to this puzzle.”


The interview has been conducted by Tom Jeltes and was published in Cursor, the independent magazine and news site for the Eindhoven University of Technology. For the complete magazine check here.

Background information

Jacques Dam (1954) graduated from Delft University of Technology in Applied Physics. He obtained his doctorate in 1989 for the discovery, development and implementation of an impregnated superconductive MRI system for the entire body. Since 1989, he has built an extensive track record in the design and development of cryogenic, refrigeration and vacuum systems. Jacques has worked at the Franco-Dutch design team of the superconductive AGOR cyclotron, which is now in use at the University of Groningen. He then worked at Stirling Cryogenics and served as senior consultant responsible for the design of many HTS closed LIN sub-cooled cooling systems at Thales cryogenics, and Stork Inoteq for the development of specific cryogenic systems for the LNG industry. In 2012 he was appointed part-time professor at TU/E Energy Technology Group for the development of the entire upstream and downstream LNG chain. In 2015 he was appointed part-time lecturer in Sustainable LNG Technology at the Hanze University Groningen for the development of sustainable technologies and LNG initiating cooperation programs with the Hanze University and the TU/E.

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