EnTranCe for students – The Energy Barn as an external workspace

Starting this year, the Energy Barn at EnTranCe offers a new concept for study programs and its students – the external workspace. At this external workspace students are welcome to work on new solutions and ideas concerning energy and the acceleration of energy transition.

Up until now two groups, with around 150 students each, made use of this new concept:

19 – 22.01.2016: School of Architecture, Built Environment and Civil Engineering (ABC)

‘The Energy Barn is the new external workplace for a total of 150 students from the School of Architecture, Built Environment and Civil Engineering (SABC). At this external workplace, the students design a sustainable master plan for the neighborhood Meerstad.’

08 – 12.02.2016: School of Technical Engineering

‘During calendar week six around 150 students from the study Technical Engineering will use the Energy Barn as their workplace. During this week, the students are playing a management game based on the Energy Transition Model. The goal of the week is to take part in a practical management simulation surrounding the topic and the challenges of energy transition’

Background Energy Barn

The Energy Barn offers space for companies, governments and schools of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences for all sorts of different events, assemblies, workshops and classes. This state-of-the-art barn is made partly of straw and can be rented.


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