Energy Partners sailing Ecolution to Delfsail 2016

Followed by a fleet of impressive, century old and tall ships from around the world, the Ecolution  – a living lab for sustainable technology – went ahead during the sail-in for this years edition of DelfSail 2016. This year’s theme was ‘A Festival of Energy’ emphasizing the region’s position in the field of energy.

Upon entering the port of Delfzijl, the Ecolution showed that her fame is not lost. The sustainable project, initiated by Wubbo Ockels and now owned by Wadduurzaam Foundation, is a point of recognition and immediately triggerd the curiosity of visitors.

During DelfSail 2016 the northers energy parters including Energy Academy Europe, EnTranCe and Energy College partnered with the Foundation Wadduurzaam. They join forces to develop energy education in the Northern Netherlands with the Ecolution as the stage. In Northern Netherlands an intensive cooperation between these parties  is taking place to train energy professionals from MBO to graduate level.

The Ecolution is a floating testing ground on which new technologies and innovations are tested to achieve a sustainable energy system. In then ext weeks the ship will experience major renovations during which the boat is re-equipped with the latest innovations such as a hydrogen drive. In the process, students of the partners are actively involved in the implementation of their specialist knowledge and skills. Thus, the Ecolution will be an inspiration to young people in their choice for energy programs and be part of the energy. A choice of the future.

More information about the Ecolution can be found here.

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