Energy organisations Northern Netherlands join forces, Lankhorst director

Groningen, March 1, 2017. Energy Valley, Energy Delta Institute and Energy Academy Europe will integrate into one organisation in 2017. The director of the new  foundation  will be Gertjan Lankhorst, former director of the gas trading company GasTerra, who will fulfill this role alongside his duties as Chairman at VEMW.

The three organisations are now working closely together and complement each other very well. Energy Delta Institute provides a range of courses for energy sector professionals. Energy Valley focuses on business development in the sustainable energy sector, while the task of Energy Academy Europe is to promote research, education and innovation. This joining of forces will create a stronger organisation, which will provide optimal support to the energy sector in a broad sense – not only in the northern Energy Valley region but also nationwide and internationally.

Gertjan Lankhorst takes up his duties as per 1 March, 2017. Lankhorst was CEO of the gas trading company GasTerra from 2006 to 2016, before becoming Chairman of the Association for Energy, Environment and Water (VEMW) in January 2017. In his previous role, Gertjan Lankhorst was one of the founders of Energy Academy Europe, a member of the strategic board of Energy Valley and Board Member of the Energy Delta Institute. In various roles he has worked intensively on the transition to sustainable energy sources and putting the energy transition on the national and international agenda.

The three cooperating organisations are located in the Energy Academy building at Zernike Campus in Groningen since February 2017.


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