Energy Innovation Lab EnTranCe stakeholders event! ‘Meet the energy’

Wednesday, 22nd of October the Energy Innovation Lab at EnTranCe organised a Stakeholder event. During this event there was an opportunity for external experts, researchers, policy makers, teachers and entrepreneurs to meet the projects (teams) who are innovating energy transition during this semester. The benefit for current project teams is to present their project and interact on their challenges.

The program started with a word of welcome by Jeroen van den Berg, managing director at EnTranCe. Wouter van Bolhuis, program manager ‘Energy’ of the municipality of Groningen shared his energy ambitions and challenges. In the ‘project carrousel’ the teams gave a presentation about their project. The list below shows the topics that were presented. After the ‘project carrousel’ Peter Vaas, project manager at EnTranCe and Bert-Jan Bodewes, project manager of the EnergyBarn presented the innovative developments on EnTranCe.

Energy Innovation Lab projects:

Human Mobility




HEMS systems

Energy Games

Energy Innovation Lab community

Cargo bikes with hydrogen engine

Hydrogen management

SEKC (Solar Energy Knowledge)

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