Energy Hackathon in Groningen: Calling creative IT specialists and designers

As part of the 2016 Hacked in Groningen Hackathon league, Hackenergy 2016 is set to run from October 14-16 at the Energy Barn (Zernike Campus) in Groningen. The event welcomes hackers from across Europe to attend and compete for cash prizes awarded by an eclectic jury including venture capitalists, energy industry top brass, academics and government leaders. With tracks on smart meters and energy on the blockchain – developers, entrepreneurs, designers, academics and other attendees will have the opportunity to tap into IBM software including Watson and Blockchain technology as well as Internet of Things hardware to work on ideas around Energy Transition – the theme of the event. Hack Energy 2016 is partnered and supported by a.o. IBM, ENGIE and Energy Academy Europe and runs 48 hours straight, Friday to Sunday.

IBM subject matter experts will be there to help guide the event’s trajectory and they’re there to be accessible to attendees and there will be guest speakers giving short presentations on the inside track of how to use IBM Watson, Bluemix, Blockchain technology, and Internet of Things for energy transition.

Any and all works created during the event are owned by the teams who created them. Members of the investment community will be at the event so some projects are expected to move forward into accelerators or incubators after the event.

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