Energy Academy Europe|Energysense aiming for 10.000 Dutch households

What does energy-behaviour of Dutch households entail? When, how and why do people choose  electricity, natural gas or other power sources in their daily lives? Energysense, a large scale longitudal research infrastructure will map everything there is to know on Dutch energy behaviour. This week a campaign to recruit 10.000 households for the Energysense database was launched. Energysense research is pursued by University Groningen (RUG).

Preparations for the project started in 2013 with a small group of selected households. Data from a randomized representative sample is now being collected by enlisting participants through door-to-door canvassing. Dutch households can now register to take part in the program via the Energysense website.

Never before has there been an initiative into energy behaviour on this scale –most energy research focuses either on technology and technical aspects, or on the psychology behind it. Energysense has an inclusive approach : ‘Involvement and commitment by society as a whole is crucial for the energy transition: Energysense can be instrumental in a global movement towards sustainable energy use,’ says programme manager Anne Beaulieu. International scientists and other energy professionals are keeping a close watch on Energysense.



Energysense is one of the flagship facilities of the Energy Academy Europe, and is pursued by University of Groningen (RUG). Energy Academy Europe is the centre of expertise for energy transition. Its scope includes energy education, research and innovation. EAE is a co-operation of Hanze University of Applied Science and is supported by corporate partners in the field of energy.

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