The hydrogen network on EnTranCe is beginning to take shape

A hydrogen network is being constructed in the EnTranCe testing ground.

We already know the above-ground network called Energy Transition Bridge (ETB) which can now supply heat, cold, natural gas and electricity. In recent months we have worked hard to extend this with a hydrogen supply as part of the Green Hydrogen Booster project. It will become an 8 bar network where especially SMEs and other organisations can do research in the field of hydrogen together with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. As indicated earlier this year, a hydrogen network is being built on the EnTranCe test site. n there are already electrolysers, fuel cells and even hydrogen boilers. But because hydrogen is a figuratively ‘hot’ subject, more is needed to facilitate all kinds of parties.







After a container was delivered earlier this year with so-called tubes to store the hydrogen, Stork is now working on the actual network. On the right hand side picture you can see the crates in which the special stainless steel tubes and other stainless steel accessories are ready to be installed. On the left hand side picture you can see the entire setup with valves, safety devices, regulators, signal transmitters and other instruments.
This entire setup is now being assembled at Stork in Groningen and will soon be moved to EnTranCe where the final installation will take place.

It is not for nothing that the North-East of the Netherlands is the Hydrogen Valley of Europe!

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