Several start-ups have their origins at or on the EnTranCe site. What once started as an innovative idea often grew into a successful company. A small selection of (former) residents of EnTranCe.

Clean Tech Aviation | Flying on biofuel

The Clean Tech Aviation (CTA) is a Research and Development Organization with plenty of knowledge and experience in aviation and the maritime industry. CTA consists of two companies CTA BV and CTA GmbH. CTA BV is located on Airport Teuge and has a engine duration test lab at EnTranCe.

CH Energy BV | From waste to oil and gas

CH Energy BV is a pioneer in the field of recycling non-recyclable waste. The company has developed a unique system which is capableĀ  of converting all kinds of non-recyclable waste into usable gas and oil. In addition, all residual products of the recycling process can be separated for reuse.

RIO projects | Let’s change how projects are done

Space, innovation and development are important cornerstones for RIO projects. RIO projects has developed RIO Lab, a laboratory for consultancy in the field of spatial development and energy transition at EnTranCe. | Save immediately, without investment

The green revolution is in full swing, but despite all the new possibilities there are still many obstacles. Enie wants to help overcome these obstacles and make solar power available for everyone. The company offers advice and guidance for the installation of solar panels.

Envitron | Making energy visable

Envitron provides tools and insight that makes it easy for people and businesses to become more sustainable. With unique hardware and software, Envitron wants to make an important contribution to a viable energy system.

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