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Meet our lecturers: they are committed to making innovations within education and professional practice. Our lecturers are associated with a professorship. Teachers and external experts work together. In addition to students, academics are also active within professorships, where they have the opportunity to obtain a PhD under the supervision of the lecturer and university promoters.

The following professorships are connected to EnTranCe | Centre of Expertise Energy:


Communication, Behaviour & the Sustainable Society

Dr. Wim Elving

Wim Elving is professor of communication in the sustainable society. Together with Carina Wiekens, he is in charge of the professorship Communication, Behaviour & the Sustainable Society. He completed his master’s degree in Social and Organisational psychology at the University of Groningen (1993) and obtained a PhD on the care for cancer patients at Twente University (1999). Elving later worked at the University of Amsterdam / the Amsterdam School of Communication Research. He has been editor in chief of Corporate Communications, an International Journal (CCIJ) for 10 years (2006 – 2015) and chair and co-chair of the CSR Communication conferences in Amsterdam (2011), Aarhus (2013) and Ljubljana (2015), as well as the forthcoming conference in Vienna (september 2017).

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Dr. Carina Wiekens

Carina Wiekens is full professor at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. She specializes in Behavior Change. Carina studied psychology (social, cognitive and clinical psychology) at the University of Groningen and obtained a PhD in social cognitive sciences at the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research (Tilburg University). After completing her PhD she wrote books and articles on behavior change from a multi-disciplinary approach (psychology, sociology, communication, education, marketing and behavioral economics).

Her research group develops behavior change programs. Researchers apply both quantitative and qualitative research methods to develop en test these programs, e.g. RCTs, social network analyses, observational studies and interviews.

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Bert de Jonge

Bert de Jonge is a professor at the Research Centre Energy and the School of Law. His professorship includes the legal notions involved in the energy transition. The aim of his research is to support the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy by giving insight about desirable legal frameworks to companies, students, researchers and teachers.​

The research group is facilitated by his employer Enexis, one of the largest regional energy networks in the Netherlands actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

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Dr. Daisy G. Tempelman

As of December 1, 2021, Daisy G. Tempelman is a lecturer in Legal Issues in the Energy Transition. Daisy wrote her dissertation “Alternative Gases and Liability” on the liability surrounding green gas feed-in and hydrogen blending. Daisy joined Hanze University Groningen in 2017 and since then has been a researcher and college lecturer at the forefront and driving force of the energy theme within Hanze University’s education and research. In addition, she is co-founder of the association Women in Energy North Netherlands (VIEN). She then started at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, where as a college teacher and researcher she has taken care of the learning line ‘energy’ in the program of HBO Law and has been involved in various research projects as a legal expert including SHREC, Making City, Coöperatief in Balans, Waterstofwijk Hoogeveen and the Green Hydrogen Booster. Furthermore Daisy is involved in the Master SESYM, the Innovation Workshop EnTranCe and co-founder of VIEN.

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Prof. Dr Jan-jaap Aué

Jan-jaap Aué is the director of EnTrance and heads the professorship Hydrogen Applications. In the next decade, our society faces the challenge of creating a sustainable energy system. The challenges are not only related to technology, but also to societal end economical. Our Energy Transition chair includes three learning tasks: Energy Transition and Networks (Dr Martien Visser), System Integration in Energy Transition (Dr Marten van der Laan) and my own: Application of Hydrogen within the Energy Transition. My focus is on the role of hydrogen within such a sustainable energysystem.

Green Hydrogen as an energy carrier can play an (important) role in storage and security of supply of sustainable energy. Green hydrogen can be used for industrial high temperature demand, mobility and heat demand in the built environment.

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Prof. Dr Marten van der Laan

Marten van der Laan (1964) is a professor of System Integration in the Energy Transition since 2020; one of the teaching assignments within the Energy Transition lectorate. He is involved in projects such as Transforming Regions (ESTRAC), Making City and Cooperative in Balance. In these projects he conducts research into the optimal design of a sustainable energy system consisting of various energy sources and carriers (gases, electricity, heat). In addition to technical aspects, he also takes economic, organisational, legal, spatial and social aspects into consideration.

Marten van der Laan studied electrical engineering at the University of Twente and did PhD research at the University of Groningen into the application of wavelets in control systems. He was active in the IT sector for a long time, working on technology for smart energy services. He was also involved in the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) foundation, which developed a market model for decentralized flexibility. As an experienced energy professional, he is an expert in renewable energy, distributed energy resources, energy communities and demand-side management.

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Dr ir. Martien Visser

Within his professorship, Martien Visser (1958) focuses on the role of networks in the energy transition. He studied physics at Eindhoven University of Technology and obtained his PhD at Delft University of Technology.  Apart from his work at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Martien Visser is Manager Corporate Strategy at Gasunie and Research Fellow at Clingendael Institute.

As professor at the Hanze University, he as launched the website www.energieopwek.nl. The website visualizes real-time data on the amount of renewable energy that is produced in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he is the creator of the monthly overview ‘Renewable Energy in the Netherlands’ that is published on our website.

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Dr ir. Gerard Schepers

Gerard Schepers (1959) graduated from TU Delft at the department of Aerospace Engineering. Later he worked as a researcher and coordinator on several large (international) projects at the Wind Energy department of the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN). He received his doctorate at TU Delft in November 2012 based on his 25 years of experience in engineering models for wind energy aerodynamics.

Since November 2018 Schepers works as a professor/lecturer Wind at Hanze UAS.

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Dr Ir. Jan-Peter Nap

Dr. Ir. Jan-Peter Nap is a professor of Sustainable Energy at the Research Centre Energy. He graduated from the University of Wageningen in 1988. Nap held several post-doctoral and staff positions at DLO (Agricultural Research Service) and the WUR (Wageningen University and Research Centre). He has dealt with many subjects, including genetically modified organisms, computer science, and of course, energy. Nap is also actively involved in project acquisition and management.

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Sustainable Fuels and Gasses

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