EnTranCe | Centre of Expertise Energy studies the energy transition from many different perspectives. With our multidisciplinary, applied research we contribute directly to the development towards a sustainable and reliable energy supply.

Energy transition in villages and neighbourhoods

The energy research carried out by EnTranCe is mainly on the level of villages, districts, neighbourhoods or companies. This is where large-scale energy suppliers and infrastructure meet small-scale, local energy initiatives. And this is where the main breakthroughs will be needed to ensure a successful transition to a reliable renewable energy supply.

Applied research

Under a diverse range of professorships, our researchers work in close cooperation to study energy provision from all possible angles. Among other things, our applied research is about developing smart energy networks and studying the potential applications of alternative gases such as biogas, LPG and hydrogen. We also look at the economic and legislative changes that are needed within the energy transition and the developments in the labour market the transition leads to. And we look at how effective communication can influence the public’s behaviour and involvement in the energy transition. Moreover, we examine how we can best support communities with their local initiatives. By creating links between the different disciplines, our applied research contributes directly to the development of a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply.

EnTranCe | Centre of Expertise Energy is part of Hanze UAS and carries out its research in association with the University of Groningen, local and regional authorities, civil society organisations and businesses. One form of collaboration is the New Energy Coalition.

More information

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