TransFuture Festival

Every year, the TransFuture Festival takes place at EnTranCe. The festival is all about new forms of energy, with special attention for the exciting opportunities the energy transition has to offer in our region. Together with our partners, we share the newest developments and innovations in the field of renewable energy.

Everyone is welcome at the TransFuture Festival: professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, governmental bodies, students and others who are interested in renewable energy and innovation. The festival offers plenty of opportunity to network and share knowledge and insights while enjoying food and drinks.

The previous edition of the TransFuture Festival saw a special version of the Barn Talks at midsummer night, featuring former leader of the Dutch Labour party Diederik Samsom.

On Wednesday 12 June, the five-year anniversary edition of the festival will take place. This edition will be kicked off by a Barn Talk with Manon Janssen, chair of the Industry sector platform during the climate agreement negotiations as well as figurehead of the Top Sector Energy. We are currently working hard at putting together an appealing programme with stimulating speakers and interesting workshops.

The programme of the festival is slowly taking shape. In this development process, we enjoy working together with several partners who would like to contribute to the programme. Do you have interesting ideas that would fit within the TransFuture Festival and would you like to be a part of the anniversary edition of the festival? Contact project manager Margreet van der Velde:

This page will be updated regurlary with news about the festival’s programme.

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