SUWOTEC developed a biobased battery, based on sand, salt and organic matter. The innovative part of this battery is the use of special non corrosive ceramic electrodes. The battery serves as a buffer between the intermittent electricity produced by solar PV or wind turbines. The battery can be charged, while simultaneously delivering power.


Because of the size of the battery -1 cubic meter for a storage of 27 kWh – ย it is most suitable for a stationary position, for example below ground in the garden, or stacked in containers. Storage capacities of 1 MWh and higher are possible. SUWOTEC is aiming for a battery using (almost) 100% recyclable materials.

The next -time consuming- challenge is producing the electrodes on a larger scale. To bridge the gap, SUWOTEC starts testing another battery, the Powerbuffer, with existing components in 3 pilot projects.


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