Testing ground EnTranCe is increasingly heated with green hydrogen

An above-ground heat network runs through EnTranCe's experimental garden, which, among other things, heats the main building. If you carry out a trial that generates heat on the experimental site, you can 'lose' this heat to the heat network. At the moment, one of the heat suppliers for this heat network is the Hydrogreenn Hoogeveen project. Three hydrogen central heating boilers are being tested here, which supply heat to our heat network on a daily basis.

If you walk from the road to the main building at EnTranCe, you will see a glass building on the right, in which all red and blue pipes are visible. This building, the Central Utility Building (CUG), provides, among other things, the climate control of the adjacent buildings such as the main building and the EnergyBarn. Inside the CUG there are three ‘traditional’ natural gas central heating boilers, which will help if not enough heat is supplied to the above-ground grid on the experimental site.

Hydrogreenn Hoogeveen

If you have a project that needs heat or needs to get rid of heat, you can remove it from the heat network or put it on the heat network. We recycle the heat with this. One of the projects that currently produces heat is the Hydrogreenn Hoogeveen project where we test boilers that use green, sustainable hydrogen. We use the heat network to dissipate the heat from these boilers.

Sustainability is given priority

It is now the case that natural gas boilers in the CUG only ‘jump in’ if the heat supplied by other systems is not sufficient. This means that these other systems have priority with regard to heat supply. In the hydrogen boiler test, the sustainable heat from this test therefore takes precedence over the natural gas heat, so we can say that the buildings of the EnTranCe test facility are thus (partially) heated with green hydrogen.

New tests

In October this year the tests with the hydrogen central heating boilers will stop. However, new long term endurance tests are already in the planning and several experiments will start within the framework of the Green Hydrogen Booster. In other words, for the time being EnTranCe will continue to be (partially) heated with sustainable, green hydrogen!

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