Periscope-project: student competition offshore innovations

​On behalf of the Hanze University of Applied Science, the Research Centre Biobased Economy (RCBBE) is one of the partners in the Interreg-project Periscope, a project in which partners (from the industry, governmental institutions and knowledge institutions) explore new business opportunities for the North Sea Region.

Apart from the Netherlands, partners from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England and Scotland take part in the project. In the context of the Periscope-project, RCBBE-researchers Derwin Schorren and Egbert Dommerholt have developed a methodology wherein citizens are at the helm when coming up with new opportunities for business. Schorren and Dommerholt call their methodology the BUBO-method, where BUBO stands for Bottom Up Business Opportunities.

In the context of the Periscope objectives, the BUBO-method, via its pilot Sketch workshop component, has already resulted in twelve attractive large-scale and small-scale opportunities for sustainable business. Because Schorren and Dommerholt expressly also want to encourage students to participate in the exploration and development of new business opportunities, an international student competition has been launched. The competition challenges student teams from the North Sea countries to come up with creative ideas with regards to offshore innovations. The Periscope-project namely focuses largely on the blue economy: (economic) activities at sea or on the coast. Read all the details about the student competition and how you can participate here.

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