EnTranCe is an international facility for energy education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. In all these activities, EnTranCe seeks the commitment and support of knowledgeable companies and organisations that wish to collaborate in working towards a sustainable energy future.

EnTranCe| Centre of Expertise Energy is part of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Since its opening, more and more companies and organisations have become a partner of EnTranCe. Our primary strategic partners are BAM, Gasunie, GasTerra, the municipality of Groningen, the Province of Groningen, TNO and the New Energy Coalition.

Becoming a partner

At EnTranCe, we collaborate with companies, entrepreneurs, (govermental) organisations, researchers and students on hybrid energy systems and the application of alternative (bio)fuels. But we also pay attention to the social and economical aspects of the energy transition. How do we tell the right story and gain popular support? Wat is needed to achieve broad acceptance for clean, renewable energy? How do we finance that process? What does it mean for business models and the labor market? We like to consider and work on these issues together with partners. Do you want to learn more or collaborate with us? Contact us.

EnTranCe seeks:

  • Knowledge and vision to help identify research topics and relevant facilities;
  • experience in translating knowledge into innovative solutions;
  • financial support for the research programmes and the facilities.

Our partners:

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