The EnergyBarn is a sustainable building that was built with local materials. It is an important showpiece of EnTranCe. With (and in) this building, we share our inspiration for a sustainable future. Different activities surrounding this topic take place in the EnergyBarn. Like our monthly Barn Talks, where insights into sustainability and the energy transition are shared. The Energy Barn is located on the grounds of EnTranCe (Zernikelaan 17).

Constructing the Barn was a project that encouraged people and organizations to think creatively about local and regional possibilities. It demonstrated that there are local opportunities to work and produce in a sustainable manner. Through the active involvement of education, young people were motivated to participate in this project.To build the EnergyBarn, students, teachers, businesses, and all (end) users collaborated.

The construction makes use of straw as a basis for the walls of the barn. Straw is an environmentally friendly product, since it is a waste product that can be recycled. The EnergyBarn shows how the energy of the future can be shaped. For example, hydrogen sheets, algae biomass and smart solar cells were used in and around the building.

Sustainable location for events

The EnergyBarn is not only used  for the Barn Talks, it also offers opportunities for businesses, schools and public institutions to receive guests. It is a perfect location for many different types of activities and events. The EnergyBarn offers room for students and young researchers to carry out research on the energy transition. It also a place where workshops, sports/games and performances can be organized.

Book an event in the EnergyBarn

Interested in booking the EnergyBarn for your event? Please contact Margreet van der Velde (

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