With Barn Talks, EnTranCe gives the workfield a platform to enter into the debate about one of the biggest challenges of our time; the transition to a sustainable society based on clean energy.

The debates in the Energy Barn at EnTranCe begin at the end of the afternoon and are concluded with a drink. The Barn Talks are organized on a monthly basis and are held in Dutch.

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Overview of all Barn Talks

Barn talk

Transforming the future, anticipation in the 21st Century with Riel Miller (ENG)

Birth/death; joining/leaving; normal/not-normal; repetition/difference; doing/not-doing; general/unique – these are some of the dualisms that unify our consciousness because we are able to imagine and act. This is the universe that we are part of - a constant murmur of complex emergent eco-systems. Meaning, beauty, mystery, wonder and horror - swirling, dancing. In this mix, resilience is not defined by immortality or equilibrium or preservation or restoration or continuity or even discontinuity.

Barn talk

Avoiding dangerous climate change with Yvo de Boer

Although President Trump has promised to leave the Paris climate agreement, Brazil can join him. A large minority thinks climate change is a hoax and the actions that people around the world want is a struggle. The emission of greenhouse gases is higher than ever before, our addiction to fossil fuels is persistent.

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