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Working together to create the renewable energy supply of tomorrow


EnTranCe, the Centre of Expertise Energy, speeds up the transition to clean, renewable and affordable energy.  Scientists, students, businesses, authorities and social institutions all come together to share their knowledge at our centre of expertise. Together we develop the innovations that are much needed for the energy transition and strengthen the regional knowledge economy.


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Coal, oil and gas are diminishing as sources of our energy supply. We are making the switch to renewable energy, for instance from solar panels, wind turbines or (household) waste. This is a huge change that will affect everyone. At EnTranCe we look at this change from many different perspectives. What technological changes are required to ensure we always have enough renewable electricity and heat? In which ways are people able and willing to contribute to the energy transition? What new rules and legislation do we need? And how does the transition to a renewable energy system influence our economy and labor market?

‘People in Power’

With our applied research we answer the most pressing questions and develop new solutions and ideas for the energy transition. In our testing facilities – from advanced measuring setups to the Ameland ‘living lab’ – we look at what really works. And with our curricula we are educating tomorrow’s creative, multidisciplinary accelerators. The energy consumer is the protagonist in everything we do; accordingly, the motto of EnTranCe is ‘People in Power’.

Open innovation

EnTrance is a public-private partnership that offers room for open knowledge-sharing. Here, the concept of open innovation is being put into practice. Innovative ideas are exchanged with companies, authorities and social institutions. Through stimulating innovation, EnTranCe speeds up the energy transition and strengthens the knowledge economy in the north of the Netherlands. If you would like to know more, you will be pleased to know that we regularly open our doors to the public. We will be happy to welcome you at our Open House, during the Barn Talks or in the EnergyBarn.

EnTranCe is the Centre of Expertise Energy of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and is part of the New Energy Coalition.

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