H2Planet: An Energy Traveler at EnTranCe

After 40 years of moving all around Europe and the Middle East for his jobs in the energy business, Rene Wit was ready for something different. He took a chance and started his own company to make another impact on the world of energy. Nowadays he can be found almost every day in the Testing Ground of EnTranCe, Centre of Expertise Energy in Groningen.


Why would(n't) I change? | Blog by Jorryt Coehoorn

“Why would I change… if there are others who have far worse impact on the world?” This argument is something I hear regularly from people regarding individual unsustainable behavior. Where would we be as a society if everyone had this as a mindset? How do we deal with our problems, if the only thing that everyone is doing is pointing fingers? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone who uses this argument, on the contrary, I think the majority of people, including myself, has a feeling that things sometimes aren’t fair. The biggest polluters should be the ones that change, right? But shouldn’t we do better than that? Shouldn’t we feel some personal responsibility for our actions as well?


Where are the Renewable Energies of the Netherlands? | Blog by Lisa Hagemeister

Being the land of windmills and bikes should make the Netherlands a frontrunner in all things renewable energy and sustainable living, right? Well, yes and no. In many regards, the Netherlands is leading the field of green energy innovation and research. However, in some aspects, they are still significantly lagging behind other countries in the race towards carbon neutrality. But how come such an advanced country still has these deficits and where are they making their greatest strides? Here’s a summary of the progress of renewable energy in the Netherlands.


5 easy ways for students in Groningen to Reduce, reuse and recycle | Blog by Marloes Otter

In 2019, after watching blue planet II and getting inspired by this TedTalk I decided that my new year resolution was to produce less waste and living more circular. Normally, I am not one to make new year’s resolutions, but this felt important enough to make one. In order to reach my goal, I started reading blogs, following zero waste/ sustainable influencers and watching videos in order to get into greener habits. However, I got so overwhelmed as I did not know where to begin, or how to make this sustainable lifestyle happen in Groningen. After a while, I realized that a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process – and I have to take small steps and make small changes. Now, a year later I hope through this blogpost to inspire you, and providing you with a few easy tips on making your life as a student in Groningen a little bit more sustainable without costing too much money.


DOING GREEN! | Blog by Charlotte Mars

Monday 18 February 2019, I was working on my bachelor thesis when I suddenly got a message via LinkedIn from the owner of a secondment agency; “Hi Charlotte, I just ran into your profile and it speaks to me! I'm looking for a coordinator sustainability in the north of the country. Are you interested?”


You are what you don’t eat | Blog by Jelmer Steenbeek

For vegans there is a hard reality that must be addressed: It is likely more effective to promote and celebrate meat reduction instead of campaigning for full adoption of a vegan lifestyle. This blog looks at the plight of vegans, human behavior through theories of socio-psychology, and discusses an approach that will likely lead to people behaving more sustainably.