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Accelerating the Energy Transition Through Serious Gaming

Imagine you have the ability to be a mayor and change a whole city towards a more sustainable place, how would you balance pollution, energetic productivity and happiness of the population? Travel back in time and picture yourself as a superhero with super powers that can save the planet from total destruction. How would it feel to be in control of human decisions and forces of nature that lead to carbon pollution and other impacts on the environment?


Tourists’ Vehicle Restriction on Ameland | Blog bij Iv Ivanov (Living Lab)

What will happen to the tourist decision to visit Ameland when they are no longer allowed to bring their vehicle on the island, but sustainable transportation and luggage transportation services are provided? While some tourists indicate that they are highly unlikely to visit in such a situation, research shows that overall motivation to travel to Ameland would not be affected.


‘Be sure to wash your hands’

A blogpost written by Professor Wim Elving.


A memorable five month internship | Blog by Nour Elhaj Ali (Living Lab)

On Monday the 2nd of march in 2020 and after 2 years and a half of studying, a practical period of my life has been started. This period when a student gets the opportunity to have a real world experience outside the campus. A period of a five month internship that enables me to gain first hand exposure of working in the real life, when I can sharpen my skills and knowledge and gain new experiences.


My EnTranCe Internship Experience (in Covid-19 times)

My internship as a communication student at EnTranCe began back in March 2020 and it did not go as expected. In the first couple of weeks everything started out quite normal and I spent my time getting to know my supervisor and my tasks. I divided my time between two major projects: the profiling of EnTranCe and the Green Hydrogen Booster project.


Green Mobility: How Green Does Groningen Move?

Today’s world has become an enormous network of interconnected parts that are constantly in motion. Day in and day out people travel from A to B on foot, by bike, scooter, motorcycle, car, bus, train, boat or airplane. However, according to the new European Green Deal transport is to blame for a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the EU (, 2019). Because of this massive amount, innovations of green mobility are now on the rise and gaining popularity.