Sustainability Communication #NoTimeToWaste | Blog by Wim Elving

It is a fact that the communication branch has been involved in a big variety of unethical practices. Greenwashing exists because we in communications and our colleagues (mainly our colleagues of course J) made text and communication materials to let the green intentions of a company shine, by not including all the facts. Fortunately for the world we have NGO’s that did starting to check companies CSR efforts and intentions and CSR communication became more serious and based on facts and not only on intentions.


New energy partnership New Zealand and Netherlands to help global transition

A partnership between the New Energy Coalition and National New Energy Development Centre, announced by Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday, has the potential to share leading international thinking to help New Zealand reach its low-carbon emissions energy aspirations.


A Waste Separation Campaign for International Students in Groningen – A blog by Ningna Xie

Exploring the Role of Communication in Municipal Waste Management: A Waste Separation Campaign for International Students in Groningen


Reducing the amount of litter – Graduation Assignment

A blog by Daphne Visser. For the last few months I have been working together with the Professorship of Communication, Behaviour, and the Sustainable Society. With the help of the CBSS I recently completed my graduation assignment and graduated from the study programme International Communication.


9th GERG Young Researchers’ Awards

Are you doing a postgraduate research project in the field of renewable or other low-carbon gas? Why not promote your project in front of a high-level audience and possibly win a substantial prize?


Dr. Kviatek about energy transition in New York

From the 27th until the 29th of June the Society's for the Advancement of Socio-Economics conference took place in New York. Dr. Beata Kviatek attended the conference to talk about the energy transition.