A glimpse into the life of a student during the corona crisis | Blog by Marloes Otter

It’s Thursday morning 9:25 am, I open my laptop, log into BlackBoard (our electronic learning environment) and join the virtual classroom of today. Class starts at 9:30 and I am greeted by the webcam screen of our teacher who is sitting in his home office. Sitting in my pajamas accompanied by my breakfast I follow the lecture. Every now and then, my classmates ask a question and it’s nice to hear their voice. After an hour we have a small break, and I make myself a cup of tea while chatting with my classmates in our WhatsApp group.


Sustainable living as a lazy person | Blog by Marloes Nieuwenhuis

Welcome to 2020! hopefully it will be as roaring as the 1920’s. When a year ends and people start to prepare themselves for the next one, a specific new year’s tradition starts to emerge all over the world: New year’s resolutions. What is a better way to forget about all the things you didn’t achieve, than to promise yourself you are definitely going to achieve them the next year. There is a wide range of common new year’s resolutions that most of us told themselves at least once in their lives. We all know the ‘I am going to eat healthy’ or the ‘I am going to stop drinking and/or smoking’ and maybe the most famous of them all ‘I am going to exercise more’.


Want to win? Individual, business and governmental participation in the energy transition | Blog by Eline Arkema

You are in a game called ‘Climate Crisis’. One of the most challenging games of all time. In Climate Crisis, humanity has to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. The goal: saving planet Earth from more damage, such as biodiversity loss and increased natural hazards (Image 1), thereby saving humanity. To do this, it is crucial to complete mission ‘Energy Transition’.


H2Planet: An Energy Traveler at EnTranCe

After 40 years of moving all around Europe and the Middle East for his jobs in the energy business, Rene Wit was ready for something different. He took a chance and started his own company to make another impact on the world of energy. Nowadays he can be found almost every day in the Testing Ground of EnTranCe, Centre of Expertise Energy in Groningen.


Why would(n't) I change? | Blog by Jorryt Coehoorn

“Why would I change… if there are others who have far worse impact on the world?” This argument is something I hear regularly from people regarding individual unsustainable behavior. Where would we be as a society if everyone had this as a mindset? How do we deal with our problems, if the only thing that everyone is doing is pointing fingers? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone who uses this argument, on the contrary, I think the majority of people, including myself, has a feeling that things sometimes aren’t fair. The biggest polluters should be the ones that change, right? But shouldn’t we do better than that? Shouldn’t we feel some personal responsibility for our actions as well?


Where are the Renewable Energies of the Netherlands? | Blog by Lisa Hagemeister

Being the land of windmills and bikes should make the Netherlands a frontrunner in all things renewable energy and sustainable living, right? Well, yes and no. In many regards, the Netherlands is leading the field of green energy innovation and research. However, in some aspects, they are still significantly lagging behind other countries in the race towards carbon neutrality. But how come such an advanced country still has these deficits and where are they making their greatest strides? Here’s a summary of the progress of renewable energy in the Netherlands.