My EnTranCe Internship Experience (in Covid-19 times)

My internship as a communication student at EnTranCe began back in March 2020 and it did not go as expected. In the first couple of weeks everything started out quite normal and I spent my time getting to know my supervisor and my tasks. I divided my time between two major projects: the profiling of EnTranCe and the Green Hydrogen Booster project.

For the profiling of EnTranCe, my main task was to contribute to online content by writing articles and blogs to be published on the website. I started writing an article series about green energies in which I delved into the most important renewable energy sources and how important they are in the Netherlands and at EnTranCe. Coming in without much prior background knowledge allowed me to research about green energies and learn more about the topic at the same time.

Overall my favorite part of the internship was being involved in the Green Hydrogen Booster project. I was given a lot of creative freedom to help create a house style for the project and to make professional visual products like their logo or an organizational visualization for example. This gave me the opportunity to hone my visual design skills and also actively contribute to the communication strategy.

One of Lisa’s creations for the Green Hydrogen Booster project

However, just a couple short weeks after I started my position COVID-19 rapidly spread across the world and became a global pandemic. Due to the subsequent quarantine measures, employees were no longer able to come to work at the EnTranCe testing grounds. For me, this resulted in an internship experience that also taught me a lot about self-management. Not actually having to leave the house to go to work meant I had to motivate myself to wake up early every day and plan my tasks for the day. Because there was no real work environment, I had to discipline myself more to stay focused on my work. My daily internship experience was probably closer to that of a freelancer working from home. Working so independently definitely had its perks and it taught me how to divide my own hours and manage my time more effectively.

It was still quite strange to suddenly miss the aspect of human interaction entirely while working on a very collaborative project. Nevertheless, I continued to have online meetings with my supervisor every week and he did a great job communicating the feedback from other colleagues and making me feel involved with the project.

During the past five months, I have gained a lot of new knowledge about the energy transition here in the Netherlands. In connection with the Corona crisis, I also had the opportunity to learn how the global pandemic has affected global warming and the development of renewable energies. I am very happy that this internship also gave me the chance to significantly improve my graphic design and my creative writing skills.

Finally, I have most certainly learned to appreciate how valuable it is to be surrounded by a team. At the end of the day, video calls can never entirely replace the motivation and energy we gain from meeting and working together with each other face to face.









Lisa Hagemeister is student International Communication at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. She successfully did her internship at EnTranCe in the second semester of 2019/2020.

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