Hanze UAS receives grants for two European projects

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen has received a total of €3.7 million in grants from INTERREG Europe, an initiative that supports interregional collaboration throughout Europe. The grants will fund two large multi-year projects led by Klaas Jan Noorman, professor of Energy Transition, and Willem Foorthuis, professor of Sustainable Cooperative Entrepreneurship.

SHREC (SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy)
Europe is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this aim, strategies that help make our existing energy systems more sustainable must be accelerated and intensified. The European regions face a major task: realising the energy transition through technological and social innovation. Community initiatives such as energy cooperatives will play an increasingly important role in these efforts.
SHREC explores ways to increase and strengthen the role of communities, cooperatives and other initiatives led by citizens and SMEs, as well as the social acceptance of new energy transition technologies. For this project, Hanze UAS is collaborating with institutions from Sweden, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and France.

InnoHEIs (from Fragmented to Integrated and Sustainable Cooperation)
This project focuses on expanding the role of higher education institutions in the field of regional innovation development. The promotion of entrepreneurship and creativity brings numerous benefits to regions, allowing participants from various backgrounds – such as policymaking, business and academia – to discover potential new activities and opportunities to solve regional societal challenges. Within this multi-year project, Hanze UAS is collaborating with SNN and partners from Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland.

Hanze UAS encourages its students and staff in many ways to help find answers and solutions for and with the region. In doing so, we work closely with small and large businesses, organisations and institutions, citizens and the authorities. In concrete terms, these two projects mean that over the next five years, Hanze UAS will be able to expand initiatives such as EnTranCe, area cooperatives, living labs and hubs.

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