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Barn Talk | Joost Wouters | The battle for Biomass: Seaweed | December 4th 2019

Three years ago, climate entrepreneur Joost Wouters fell in love with seaweed. It absorbs a lot of CO2 and has many valuable climate-friendly applications such as use as energy-producing biomass. So in 2018 Joost, together with several partners, set up ‘The Seaweed Company’. Since then he has been engaged in cultivating seaweed on a large scale and in realising the many valuable applications of seaweed. During this Barn Talk he will take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges involved in the large-scale cultivation and use of seaweed. And also, of course, we’ll be looking at whether the Province of Groningen can play a role here!

Why seaweed?

Seaweed is the fastest-growing biomass on our planet. It absorbs a lot of CO2, without requiring the use of land, fresh water or artificial fertiliser. Seaweed has a wide range of useful applications, such as nutritious food for humans and animals, an environmentally friendly growth stimulant for plants, bioactive ingredients for health products, biomass for energy and degradable plastics.

Seaweed is one of the few truly scalable solutions for addressing the CO2 problem
Prof. Tim Flanner 


Details Barn Talk

4 December 2019, 16.00 – 18.00.
This Barn Talk will be given in Dutch.

Who is Joost Wouters?

Joost began his career at P&G and later joined the management team of Pepsi Cola Benelux. The birth of his son proved to be a major turning point, and he decided to start working as a consultant to better combine family life and work. After a year of travelling in America he settled with his family and business in Spain. Now with Spain as his base he works all over the world with companies such as Danone, Unilever, Heineken and Reckitt Benckiser.

In 2016 he experienced another turning point when he started getting involved in seaweed. Together with several partners, Joost set up The Seaweed Company in 2018. Since then he has been engaged in cultivating seaweed on a large scale and in realising the many valuable applications of seaweed.

Currently The Seaweed Company has two seaweed farms running in Ireland and a farm in Morocco is now being set up. But the first steps are already being taken towards cultivation of seaweed in Groningen as well.

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