Open house | December 3th | EnTranCe

Interested in Energy? On Tuesday the 3th of December, EnTranCe organizes a guided tour around the facility for everyone who is interested in EnTranCe and the topic of energy transition.


Barn Talk | Joost Wouters | The battle for Biomass: Seaweed | December 4th 2019

Three years ago, climate entrepreneur Joost Wouters fell in love with seaweed. It absorbs a lot of CO2 and has many valuable climate-friendly applications such as use as energy-producing biomass. So in 2018 Joost, together with several partners, set up ‘The Seaweed Company’. Since then he has been engaged in cultivating seaweed on a large scale and in realising the many valuable applications of seaweed. During this Barn Talk he will take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges involved in the large-scale cultivation and use of seaweed. And also, of course, we’ll be looking at whether the Province of Groningen can play a role here!