EnTranCe Student Award 2023

During New Energy Forum 2023, the EnTranCe Student Award 2023 was presented. Only students who scored higher than 8 for their master's thesis could nominate themselves. This is already a cream of the crop. This year, the jury had a choice of 12 nominations from four master's programmes. Read on to find out the top three and eventual winner (or winners)!

All three students delivered research of high quality and great value for energy transition. Furthermore, comparing technical and social research was something like ‘comparing apples with pears’.

What prevailed was, is it groundbreaking? Are you doing well on a familiar path or are you looking and finding new ways?

Hanna Kreuger and Sinja Albert have achieved important results by taking a different unusual path. They are therefore ex aequo the number 1 of the EnTranCe Student Award 2023. Pedro Schiaffi with his technical economics research, has earned the 2nd spot!

Sinja Albert as a communication student has researched the accessibility of the energy labour market for women. Her research provides concrete tools to make this sector more accessible to women and improve the position of women in the sector.

Hanna Kreuger researched energy poverty. She looked at energy poverty from a feminist point of view. In doing so, she revealed the real causes of energy poverty. These are structurally lower wages, less access to the labour market and, in broken families, mostly the children in the house. In short, on average lower incomes and higher (energy) costs. Important data to be able to really solve energy poverty.

With their results, Hanna and Sinja contribute to the role and position of women in the energy transition and to the broad social discussions on gender equality. That perspective and this new knowledge is groundbreaking.

Pedro Schiaffi is a very good 2nd. His research has produced a model for optimising large-scale offshore renewable energy production and transmission. It helps international marine managers in their coordination of marine zoning and increases the effectiveness of investments in renewable generation and transport.

Hanna Kreuger - EnTranCe Student Award 2023 New Energy Forum Groningen
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