Energy for everyone!

Currently, roughly 11.5 million people work in the renewable energy sector: a number that is expected to continue to rise in the future. The energy sector is one in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A growing sector with a positive impact on our climate reveals a great opportunity for those looking for a meaningful and impactful job. But what if you did not follow education in any of these subjects, but still would like to work in renewable energy and help the cause?

Thinking outside the box
Whilst some studies are a one-way ticket to a certain profession, many are not and leave the future wide open for their graduates. Those who have studied design, communication, or marketing, will have many career paths to choose from, for example. From personal experience, this is amazing yet terrifying, because you have many directions in which your career can go. In this case, do not feel limited by what you have studied and follow your passions – combine the two in your work! It is a great feeling to apply your talents to a meaningful cause that matches your passions, trust me.

Energy @ Hanze UAS
Students from different fields get many opportunities to get involved in the energy transition throughout their studies. Through Innovation Hub Projects (IHP), students from different fields develop creative and innovative solutions not only to help clients, but also achieve larger goals. These might concern, for example, the energy transition. Another opportunity is to follow an energy master programme. For example, the master Energy for Society, which views the energy transition from many angles, whilst focussing on society and behaviour. Another opportunity is to be rewarded an Energy Certificate through following an energy track, attending Energy Learning Activities and/or spending a (graduation) project focussing on energy. Lastly, students may take part in the Green Ambassador Programme (GAP), where students may receive a certificate based on their connection to the Sustainable Development Goals during their studies.

EnTranCe - energietransitie - hoofdingang

Personal experience
During my 5.5 years of studying both Communication & Multimedia Design and International Communication I have spent quite some time on the subjects of sustainability, energy and climate. During my 4th year, I did an IHP about Zero Waste at Hanze UAS, which piqued my interest in sustainability. On a personal level, I became more aware of the impact of my behaviours and made some changes in lifestyle. Then, during my masters, I took on the project of the Climate Adaptation in Groningen and decided to wrap it all up by writing my graduation project for EnTranCe. Connecting my strengths to my interests allowed me to have fun in what I was doing, whilst creating meaningful and creative solutions. Throughout this time, I have received the GAP certificate and the Energy Certificate, which will help me to keep using my skills for the improvement of our planet!

Go for it!
As we have seen, whilst the field of energy is based on STEM subjects, everyone can have a say and help change the world using their own field of expertise. Hanze UAS offers many different options for students from all fields to follow their passions and connect these to energy and sustainability – a way to make a change, whilst doing what you are good at.

Personally, I would like to encourage everyone who has a passion for sustainability, climate and energy to follow some sort of energy-related education. It does not matter if you are not educated in the STEM-field: you can make a difference in your own way! So, what is your future in energy?

This blog was written by Laura Nijhuis, alumnus of Communication & Multimedia Design and International Communication.

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