Energy Academy Certificate

The energy transition needs professionals and researchers who are specialists in their field, but who are also able to look beyond their own discipline. People who have received multidisciplinary training, who are able to collaborate with other professionals, and who have a broad set of skills and competencies.

The Energy Academy Certificate is a valuable addition to 27 different degree programmes of Hanze UAS. It certifies that, next to his or her major, the student has acquired knowledge of other disciplines and has obtained a set of sought-after skills in various energy-related subjects. The certificate confirms that the student not only has thorough professional knowledge in their specific field, but also has additional general knowledge of bordering energy-related disciplines.

A student of Hanze UAS can for instance follow special energy tracks. All these energy tracks take a multidisciplinary approach: the student takes in-depth courses in his or her own discipline (worth 20 ECTS) and broadens his/her horizon by taking courses outside the discipline (10 ECTS). When a student following an energy track also takes part in a minimum of 10 Energy Learning Activities, he/she is eligible for the Energy Academy Certificate.

Please visit for more information about the energy tracks of Hanze UAS. If you wish to apply for an Energy Academy Certificate, please send an email to in which you mention your name, your degree programme and your student number.

Energy Learning Activities

The Energy Academy Programme offers about 20 Energy Learning Activities per academic year. The learning activities range from lectures, debates, masterclasses and excursions, each on topics related to the energy transition.  Top speakers from different fields and disciplines, inspirational debaters and highly skilled professionals are invited to share their knowledge and the newest insights into energy related issues. Students from Hanze UAS and University of Groningen can attend the events as an addition to their regular degree programme and courses.

Energy Learning Activities provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge on a wide range of issues. And they support the students on their route to becoming the well-rounded energy professionals of tomorrow.

On the website of the Energy Academy you can find a complete overview of all the upcoming Energy Learning Activities.

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